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Out of these Ds/Dsi games, which would you most recommend?

Below are 4 Ds/Dsi games that I am interested in. You can help me out by rating the Ds/Dsi games with 1 being the best out of the four and 4 being the worst out of the four. Along with that, it would be helpful if you could rate each game out of 10 with 10 being the perfect game. Reviews on the games are also well appreciated! If you do not know the game or have not played it, please say "Have not played." Thank you so much!

Ds/Dsi Game List:

Rhythm Heaven

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (This game has not yet been released but if you have any information on it, please share it)

Brain Age 2Out of these Ds/Dsi games, which would you most recommend?
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is the only one that is worth spending money own. The rest might as well be free downloadable demos for your cell phone.Out of these Ds/Dsi games, which would you most recommend?
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Out of these Ds/Dsi games, which would you most recommend?
Mario %26amp; Luigi FTW

Any good Nintendo games?

I'll buy a Nintendo DSi XL soon, so i wanna know what are the great games on it.

Currently this is my list, and i intend to buy Pokemon first.

List :

Pokemon White/Black

DiddyKong Racing

Final Fantasy Series

Guitar Hero On tour

Band Hero DS

Phoenix Wright series

Zelda Series

Elite beat agents

New Super Mario Bros

Mario kart DS

Mario + Luigi Patner

Any other good ones?Any good Nintendo games?
Pokemon SoulSilver, Tales of Innocence (must be translated with a downloadable fan made translation patch when you download the game on an R4 or an Acekard, and play it on your DS and understand it, it's a Japanese only game so don't go looking for it in stores), Metroid Prime Hunters (good for WiFi), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (good for local multiplayer), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.Any good Nintendo games?
i like the incredibles

Which DS games are worth buying?

I've had the DS a while, one of the older ones. I've got Mario Kart (which is an awesome game), Advance Wars DS (killer game), WarioWare Touched (first game I had and still have it, really fun), FF III (sucked, disappointed) gonna trade that, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time (liked the first one, disappointed here). I don't play it much anymore and I was sort of wandering what game would make me pick that bad boy back up for a little while. Don't play games a whole lot, but whenever I'm on a trip or just hanging around with nothing to do, I've got the DS. Which games are worth it? I like Nintendo developed games by the way. They've always known what they're doing. And I've had Super Mario 64, New SMB, traded them. I like games with replay value and whatnot. Don't like blowing my money on them and I like to get good ones.Which DS games are worth buying?
Go to and go to the DS page. Then go to the game previews section (you'll find it on the right hand bar of links) and then you can find what kind of game you want. They have ratings, reviews, images, and even videos of the game to help you decide if you want it or not. They also tell you where you can buy it for the best price. I go to that site all the time.
My favorite game is mario kart its really funWhich DS games are worth buying?
pokemon diamond and age of empires II are good. it all depends
Mario KartWhich DS games are worth buying?
Big Brain Academy.
get pokeeeemon haha

umm where do u live first?

either way, do u no abt the r4? revolution for DS. it stores abt 20 games (i think), its a 1gb mem card, and u can downlaod da games. costs abt 1k baht...dats around $25. but im not sure if u hav it in america or soemthing
the new super mario Bros is a great game takes a long time to beat, but if you wait untill october or november rumor is that there will be a guitar hero 3 for ds but it might be hard to play
Get Pokemon Diamond %26amp; Pearl.
k if u like shootin stuff up transformers autobots or decepticons. if u like adventure, new super mario bros. or pokemon diamond and pearl. If u like racin diddy kong racin or mario kart. for most games you would want to get is any game wit wifi!!! plz help out in wifi in autobots version thats what im in... WE NEED THE ALLSPARK!!!
The best are castlevania dawn of sorrow castlevania portrait of ruin, mario kart, and pokemon diamond
Get Pokemon Diamond or pearl, Tetris DS, Brothers in arms ds, Metroid prime hunters, Mario vs donkey kong 2 march of the minis and action replay ds. Oh and also a wifi rutor and starfox command.
mario bros, diner dash flo on the go, monster trucks, sonic rush, and pirated of the carabian- at worlds end

I hope this helps!
Get and R4 cartridge...with a 1Gb card...thatll be round 60 bucks...then you wont have to buy any games...ever...a good dl site:
hotel dusk is THE BEST if you like mystery types of games
Children of Mana is a quality hack%26amp;slash RPG, and you can't go wrong with Tetris.

Trade-in Value for these games?

I want to get a PS3 so i decided that I would trade in my old games to EB games or gamestop so can get some credit to buy the PS3. I know its not gonna buy the whole thing but it will help. the games are:

Mariokart DS (DS), Mario Luigi Bowsers Inside Story (DS), Spectrobes (DS), another Spectrobes (DS), Bleach Dark Souls (DS), the legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (DS), Spectrobes Beyond the Portals (DS), Naruto Clash of Ninja 3 (DS), Naruto Clash of Ninja (Gamecube), Sonic Adventure DX directors cut (Gamecube), Soulcaliber Legends (Wii), Monster 4X4 World Circuit (Wii), Red Steel 2 (Wii), Mario Kart Wii (Wii), Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Wii), Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (Wii), Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 (Wii).

I know that was sort of a long list, but if you can help me that would be much appreciated, thank you.Trade-in Value for these games?
Don't sell them to GameStop or EB Games. They will give you about $3 for each of those save for Soulcaliber Legends, Red Steel 2, The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and Mario Luigi Bowsers Inside Story.

Sell them individually on the eBay for $5 or $10 each, or sell them all as one lot on Craigslist for like $100-$150.Trade-in Value for these games?
Since the value of the games change quite a bit, your best best is to take them into the store and have them check.

Unless it's a newer game and in high demand, they won't give you much (I've traded in a number of games over the years and have a good friend who is a store manager). You'll probably make more money selling on eBay or Amazon. You might make even more if you sell on craigslist or your local classifieds.Trade-in Value for these games?
i would suggest selling them on ebay or maybe taking them to a local game store other than gamestop/ebgames. ive found that going to a local store will get you more money.
  • italian english translation
  • art games
  • How much could I get for all of this?

    I have a Blue nintendo ds lite (with stylus, and wall charger), 2 screen protectors, 4 stylus, 1 external battery, headphones, 4 games ( cooking mama, new super mario bros, mario and luigi partners in time, carnival games all have there cases and booklets), I also have 6 gamecases.How much could I get for all of this?
    Slackers gives $50 store credit for ds lite. Gamestop or eb games will only give $35 for the ds lite. I do not know about the other stuff. You should try calling or going to your local game store to find out.How much could I get for all of this?
    proboly 150 just a guess

    On the game mario and luigi superstar saga how do i get to boswer's castle to find (this is after jokes end)

    Hoohoo Mountain, talk to the pterodactyl at/near the town. He will fly you up there.

    Ds (used blue no noticeable scratches with 5 games) price suggestions?

    I want a psp because of multimedia usage. I have a blue original ds and i want to sell it with 5 games ( super mario 64, harry potter, yoshis island, and mario and luigi: brothers in time, and lego: starwars) are there any suggestions to where and how much it should be sold forDs (used blue no noticeable scratches with 5 games) price suggestions?
    Where I'm at, the only places are gamestop and EB, but Gamestop is owned by EB, so you would get the same price.

    Usually you get around 1/4 of the price it is new, so you would probobly get around 50-60$ for everything.Ds (used blue no noticeable scratches with 5 games) price suggestions?
    about three hundred which is beast but u may want to not mention that no noticable lollololololololDs (used blue no noticeable scratches with 5 games) price suggestions?
    um like 30
    the ds could be sold for around 60$ itself and the five games could probably be sold for about 15$ each. i would suggest selling them at eb games or gamestop.