Saturday, February 18, 2012

Any good Nintendo games?

I'll buy a Nintendo DSi XL soon, so i wanna know what are the great games on it.

Currently this is my list, and i intend to buy Pokemon first.

List :

Pokemon White/Black

DiddyKong Racing

Final Fantasy Series

Guitar Hero On tour

Band Hero DS

Phoenix Wright series

Zelda Series

Elite beat agents

New Super Mario Bros

Mario kart DS

Mario + Luigi Patner

Any other good ones?Any good Nintendo games?
Pokemon SoulSilver, Tales of Innocence (must be translated with a downloadable fan made translation patch when you download the game on an R4 or an Acekard, and play it on your DS and understand it, it's a Japanese only game so don't go looking for it in stores), Metroid Prime Hunters (good for WiFi), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (good for local multiplayer), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.Any good Nintendo games?
i like the incredibles

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