Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What games should i get?

im getting a wii and im wondering what gamecube games should i get for it

Luigi's mansion %26amp; Super mario sunshine


Sonic Adventure DX %26amp; Sonic adventure 2 battleWhat games should i get?
Well , The Sonic Games , because they are much fun ... and there is a lot of things to do in the games , and Sonic adventure dx is voted one of the best gamecube games ... , and i agree with Michael G , you should get SA2B because it's highly rated and much fun playing it ... and sonic heroes is recommended too ( like Michael G says ) ...

** Hope i Helped ** :P
Sonic adventure dx is voted one of the best gamecube games. SA2B is also highly rated so get them. I have sa2b and it is so fun. You have to try it. There is story mode, two sides, hero and dark, and final story which is hard fun and addicting.

I have Super mario sunshine and it's okay but not as good as sa2b.

I like sonic heroes even better. If you find it get it. I was just playing it a minute ago.What games should i get?
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is Awesome! I never thought I'd be playing Sonic on a Nintendo console but he seems right at home on the fantastic Gamecube! I haven't played the Dreamcast version so I can't compare the two but the graphics for this version are amazing! there is so much detail and it's soooooo fast! When you start your main game you have the choice of playing the hero side with Sonic and friends or the dark side with Shadow and co. this makes the main game even more interesting.
Sonic games are better.What games should i get?
The sonic games. Theres way more to do and theyre more fin

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