Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What are the most popular Nintendo game Series'?

The game(s) must have a sequel, and Mario, Mario characters games (such as Yoshi's Island and Luigi's Mansion, etc.), and Donkey Kong (series included) are categorized as just "Mario", and the Super Smash Bros. Series is not included.

What are the most popular games that are for Nintendo (Only nintendo. Games such as Naruto do not count because games like Naruto are also for other systems such as Play Station and XBox) in order. Also, can you please tell me which game of each series is most popular. Thank you! And every answer is greatly appreciated!What are the most popular Nintendo game Series'?
Well, I'm just totally guessing here:

1. Mario Series (Super Mario Galaxy 2 hyped it up)

2. Pokemon Series

3. Legend of Zelda

4. Kirby

5. Star Fox

Probably every series that appears on Super smash bros. brawl is pretty much famous for something.

Hoped I helped!
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