Saturday, February 18, 2012

How much is my DS and games worth?

I have a 2004-2005 blue DS, has one scratch on screen and works, comes with case, charger and games :

are you smarter than a 5th greater

nintendogs lab and friends

mariokart ds

Mario and luigi partners in time

Action puzzle game zoo keeper

nintendogs chihuahua and friends

snood 2 on vacation

spongebob squarepants the yellow advenger

nintendogs dalmation and friends

imagine teacher

so can someone tell me how much it wud b worth? I was thinking about selling it on eBay or getting money at gamestop! So lemme know!How much is my DS and games worth?
i sold my ds for $40 w/ 5 games.....i had lost charger.... i say yours is about $55- 70How much is my DS and games worth?
Don't sell to game stop. You would get very little per game at game stop (perhaps $3). Try eBay instead.

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