Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gamecube games........Paper Mario 2 help.....?

i am into mario games.

*i have Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door, and Luigi's Mansion.

**I like Adventure Games.

***I dont like those games that are based on movies.

****i also liked Death to Rights or something like that on PS2.

*****i dont like those Zelda games or anything like that

so what do you guys reccommend???

also, in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, in the island, i cant get my bomb guy in the hole!! how do i get him in there??? i see the hole i fought the people but i cant get him in the hole!!!! pleez help mee i cant move on!!! ahhhh........=oGamecube games........Paper Mario 2 help.....?
Spin Jump on the short red 'stache 3 times,

and then whack blue 'stache 4 times. This causes a door above the skull to open.

Throw Bobbery onto the ledge (X) and have him perform the fireworks by exploding in an indent, opening up a hidden cave door.Gamecube games........Paper Mario 2 help.....?

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Gamecube games........Paper Mario 2 help.....?
jus get scizzors man
I reccomend the mario party games (number 5 is the best).

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