Thursday, February 2, 2012

GameCube: Luigi's Mansion Question!?

I've decided to play some older games like Luigi's Mansion again on my Wii. I have now gotten to the part in the game where you are supposed to search the whole mansion for the 50 escaped Boos. But I can only find 8 of them and I don't know what to do next.

If you know, please respond and help me. I can understand though that it is an older game.GameCube: Luigi's Mansion Question!?
there is a boo in every single room you will visit in the mansion after you clear re- visit previous areas you have beaten.

ohh and look for mouse can enter them by focusing on them with that one device of yours...i cant remember what its called...

so basically check every room and the mouse holes (the mouse holes are secret rooms filled with treasure basically)GameCube: Luigi's Mansion Question!?
As you know already, your GameBoy Horror has the Boo Detector. Walk into all of the rooms and if it turns yellow when you walk in it (it also makes a beep noise), a Boo is nearby. Shake or hit all of the objects in the room and a Boo will appear.

This part takes some patience.GameCube: Luigi's Mansion Question!?
lol i rmember on a saturday morning when my mom came home with that game!!! i was younger and the game scared me so i only played it twice. Was that part after the part where you have to defeat the family of ghosts??? If it wasn't i may be able to help you.

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