Thursday, February 2, 2012

What are the best DS games?

i'm buying a nintendo DS this week to keep me busy on the bus to work.. i love strategy games but i'm willing to give anything a go as long as it's decent.. can anyone help??

i've heard that the mario and luigi inside bowser game is pretty good.. and obviously professor layton is a definite..What are the best DS games?
There are loads which Like.

Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars

42 All Time Classics

Tetris DS

Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games

Bust A Move

Carnival Games

Deal Or No Deal - The Banker Is Back

Mario Kart - DS

PDC World Championship Darts

Pokemon Link

Professer Kageyama's Maths Training


TouchMaster 2

TouchMaster 3

Cooking Mama

Gorden Ramsey's Kitchin Nightmares

Clubhouse Games

The Simpsons Game

Also check out this site to see a list of top selling nintendo DS Games.
Cooking Mama 1 %26amp; 2

Brain Age

Kingdom HeartsWhat are the best DS games?
A good strategy game is Brain Age 2, it keeps your brain mentally fit, and its really fun ^.^

If your looking for something else, i would suggest mario kart :)
kingdom hearts and super mario bros dsWhat are the best DS games?
well i just got Scribblenauts. The game were you write anything solve evrything!
Well...If you like adventure games i`d say super mario 64 ds is best or kirby squeak squad.

Wish you luck :)
i think super mario bros is good and also mario cart animal crossing csi and any of the lego games

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