Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do you know all about the mario games?

I'm Having a Super mario trivia Challenge to test your knowledge about the mario series

1. What are the colors of the giant cap switches in super mario 64

a. Red,Blue,Green

b. Burnt sianna, tan, pink

or c. Orange,Yellow,Indigo

2. whats the name of the first boss of super mario Sunshine

a. Peaty pirhana

b. Mecha Bowser

Or c. Wiggler

4. True or False Mario is missing is the first game that Luigi was the Main hero

Final Question witch item that allows you to fly in super mario galaxy

A. red star

B.Wing cap

Or c. cape feather

award 10 points for the most or all correct awnsersDo you know all about the mario games?
1. A

2. A


Final. ADo you know all about the mario games?
i knoww somee let me c if i remember.

1. b

2. a

4. true

5. a

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