Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am i the only who prefers Mario over Luigi?

i personally like Mario more than any character hell i even use him in all Mario sports games and Smash bros games but people all around me is saying that Luigi is better and cooler. i like Luigi but i just like Mario and Yoshi more.Am i the only who prefers Mario over Luigi?
Its your opinion right? i personally cant really decide i dont know who i like more lol but if you like mario more then thats fine i mean he is the star in most of the mario bro games and all those other games with him in it. if somone tells you u cant like him or hes stupid sux bla bla bla just tell em to f off or somthing cuz its ur opinion right?
Nah... Mario will always be somebody's best. I personally like Luigi, though.

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Am i the only who prefers Mario over Luigi?
no matter what mario will always be the best. in mario games hes the star. mario always fights bowser and wins he has ninja reflexes he can wall jump.he is one of the stars of nintendo.I think hes the main star of nintendo. when mario fights bowser luigi is nowhere to be found.
I like Luigi But Mario is where its at and definitely yoshi is my favorite character, so noAm i the only who prefers Mario over Luigi?
Not at all. Luigi has a stupid voice and mario is just way more ninja. Plus yoshi just swallows anything and Sh!ts out eggs. What's cooler than that?
I like Mario because his clothes are red
No, but I prefer Luigi lol
ahah im always like that i like mario more

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