Thursday, January 26, 2012

What gameboy games should I take with me?

I can only take 3, the ones i want to take are, Mario and Luigi superstar saga, Legend of zelda minish cap, Final fantasy tactics advance, golden sun, wario land 4, castlevania aria of sorrow, and kingdom hearts re:chain of memories.What gameboy games should I take with me?
(Gameboy Advance? Blast from the past!)

You didn't finish any of them????????
M%26amp;L Superstar Saga and Golden Sun. Now.
And Aria of Sorrow to mix the genres up a bit.

Those games will take long to finish. I hope you enjoy your trip/whatever =]

edit: Completely missed FFTA, that game is amazing fun. I'd say Golden Sun, Aria of Sorrow, and FF Tactics Advance if you can't bring four games. Good mix of genres that way. (Or switch Golden Sun with Mario %26amp; Luigi. They're both slow-ish paced RPGs so I wouldn't bring them both.)
I recommend you to take kingdom hearts chain of memories, Mario and luigi superstar saga and warrior land 4 because those games are super classics!! I also recommend for you to go buy a nintendo 3ds :))What gameboy games should I take with me?
Mario and Luigi superstar saga, Final fantasy, Golden sun (:
Haha you still use your old gameboy? You need a technology update.What gameboy games should I take with me?
mario, final fantasy and kingdom hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- AND gameboys are the S**T!!!!
Superstar Saga, Aria of Sorrow, and Wario Land 4 would be my 3 picks... but why not just take them all?
I didn't know people still played Gameboy. I would take Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Kingdom of Hearts.

Don't you have any pokemon games? They are awesome.
  • merchants tire
  • spiderman the musical
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