Monday, January 30, 2012

What, out of these three games should I get for my ds lite?

Mario and luigi:partners in time, new super mario bros, or Kirby squeak squad? which two?What, out of these three games should I get for my ds lite?
All three games are great games for the DS. However, New Super Mario Bros is a must buy for the DS, so NEVER take that game off of your list. If you also want another game with a pinch of classic, pick Kirby: Squeak Squad (Though it can be beaten in less than 24 hours).

If you have played Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and enjoyed it, then Brothers in Time is good.

Best Choices:

New SMB and Kirby.
MaL: PiT is a good game, and if you liked the original, you'll love it.

NSMB is also a good game, and it takes a while to collect all of the star coins after you beat the main game.

Kirby Squeak Squad is a decent diversion, but it's too short and easy.

I'd go for New Super Mario Bros myself, as it's the most widely available and kept me busy the longest.What, out of these three games should I get for my ds lite?
New Super Mario Bros. I was surprised at how much it made me smile. I haven't enjoyed a game like that in a while. And its easy to save and quit whenever you want to.

RPG games like partners in time are a bit too immersive for hand held systems.

If you want instant fun action, choose New Super Mario Brothers.

If you want a long (but fun) panned out game, choose Partners in Time.

Kirby has always been ...meh... for me.
I'd say the new super mario bros and kirby squeak. You should get one of each, as in one selection of the 2 mario games and then kirby =] im sure you'll choose the one you like=]What, out of these three games should I get for my ds lite?
New Super Mario Bros is ADDICTING i've played for at least 3 hours today, and Kirby squeak squad is fun. Mario and luigi is boring
mario and luigi and super mario bros
The 2 Mario games. I really like the new super mario bros, and I only hope that the partners in time will be awesome.
You should get new super mario bros its the most funnest game ever i got it when it first came out and it was soooo much fun!!!!!!
Partners in Time %26gt; Kirby Squeak Squad %26gt; New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros isnt all that good, imo.
how about an r4? you can get all three for the price of one.
number 2 and number 3
mario and luigi partners in time
Mario and Luigi Partners in Time.

It's really good.
partners in time and kirby, getting two mario games would be too alike

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