Monday, January 23, 2012

Mario Wii Games?

Mario, Nintendo's major character, has only been seen briefly on the new Wii console, and with such a delay, since the start. With Mario Strikers Charged, Super Paper Mario (which isn't really original Mario), Mario Party 8, and the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy, has there been any word of upcoming Mario games? Like Super Mario Wii or Mario Kart Wii (my personal wish) or Super Princess Peach Wii or a Luigi game for Wii? Anything? I would appreciate it if someone new or not. Thanks a million. Oh, I forgot, that Mario Olympics game is coming up too.Mario Wii Games?
Mario Kart Wii will be out next year.鈥?/a>

And as you mentioned, Mario has already been in several games on the Wii. I'm not sure what you mean by other Mario games.

Super Princess Peach is a DS franchise and it won't likely come to Wii. The last Luigi game wasn't that big of hit. And I don't know what you mean by "Super Mario Wii."

Super Mario Galaxy is likely going to be the biggest selling game for the console. It's predicted to be the game that justifies the console and bridges the gap between hardcore and casual gamers. I wouldn't write it off so easily.

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Mario Wii Games?
well there is a lot more mario games coming out and dat mario olymipcs also has sonic ,tails, knuckles, egg man, and more
Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, are coming soon.

Aswell, Super Mario Strikers CHARGED (for Wii) is already out (and WiFi compatible!)Mario Wii Games?
Mario Kart is coming next year...
Mario Kart will be out next year should be out in Jan. then Brawl in Feb. I don't think there is going to be a Super Mario Wii because Mario Galaxy is going to be like Super Mario. I agree with Lugi getting another game or they should remake the first game but this time for the Wii.
super mario bros (demoish version) is avalible on the wii shop channel its exactly the same as the gba one but if u die u start from the begining

mario karts out nxt year

come on theres already plenty out

unless ur super mario mad!!!

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