Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much are these games worth?

Gamecube-Nba Live 2005 %26amp; 2006, Madagascar, Nfl Madden 2004, Mario Party 7 with mic, Mlb 2k6, Street V3, Luigi's Mansion, Super Monkeyball 2, Ncaa Football 2004, %26amp; Mario Superstar Baseball.

Playstation-Gran Turismo 2

Playstation 2-Mlb 2k6, And 1 Streetball, %26amp; Ford Racing 3

ALL GAMES ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION...THANKS!How much are these games worth?
all those are pretty cheap games, if you were reselling them i would say you'd get about 5-10 dollars for each game, maybe less for the less popular titles.How much are these games worth?
since they are for the gamecube it would be less than 5 bucks most likely you might just might have a jem and get 10 bucks for one but you never know gamestop does give more money when you use your edge card i just got 150 bucks for 8 games but they were for the Xbox 360 and they were kinda newHow much are these games worth?
Thats kinda hard to answer because some might pay you more for them than others. You could see how much there going for on

ebay, or you could go to someplace that buys games like,

gamestop ,FYE ,mediaplay ,or other stores that buy games.

sorry I couldn't help more
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