Monday, January 23, 2012

Upcoming Nintendo 3ds games?

Do you think there is a possibility of there being a Mario and Luigi game (to succeed Bowser's inside story) For the 3ds?

Also do you think there will be another Super Mario game? (like SM 64, SM Sunshine and SM Galaxy?) I heard rumors there might be a super Mario sunshine 3d 0.o

Does anybody have any info to clear up these rumors or any info about any other Mario games (other than super mario 3d land, paper Mario and Mario kart 7)?Upcoming Nintendo 3ds games?
Well, Super Mario 3D Land has Luigi as a playable character, but you have to unlock him to play as him some how.

And there is Mario Tennis for the 3DS coming out.

And Nintendo said that they were interested in remaking such games as Super Mario Galaxy 1 %26amp; 2 for the 3DS, because of the 5 times better graphics and 3D and way more better Motion Sensors and all.

But Nintendo then said that they would more sooner make a Remake Super Mario Sunshine, if they were to make a Remake, because Super Mario Galaxy is still just new enough to not make a remake of it YET.

So if Nintendo does make a remake, it will be Super Mario Sunshine and than start working on Super Mario Galaxy 1 %26amp; 2 during 2014 or 2015, so there can be a good enough gap between the Wii's Release and the 3DS Remake with 5 times better Graphics and all.

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