Monday, January 23, 2012

Luigi game?

are they going to have other luigi gameLuigi game?
Currently, Nintendo doesn't have any (announced) plans to make another game that includes Luigi as the main character. However, Luigi's Mansion was a bestseller for the Gamecube, so it's entirely possible that they're thinking about a sequel to Luigi's Mansion or another Luigi game in general.

Personally, I think that the Wii Remote would be excellent for a game like Luigi's Mansion. I'd love to use the Wii Remote as the Poltergust 3000!Luigi game?
im not sure. the only game ever made that circles around luigi specifacally is luigis mansion for game cube. other than that if u want a luigi game its bound to have mario in it.Luigi game?
yeah basically the first answerer is correct luigi is like a sidekick to mario so heroes first sidekicks second.
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